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How to create captions for your video with 3 Play media?

By admin

3Play Media is online platform that allows you to upload your video and return transctipt and captions. It is not a free service, but it has flexible pricing options – basically, you don’t have to purchase any subscription and they allow to use service occasionally. Click here to check prices…

Google resources for beginners

By admin

I often meet people who have a range of free tools available, but they don’t realise how powerful these tools are. sometimes they have also various misconceptions. Google apps are often among these under-used tools. in this post I have links to a few videos that I found helpful when researching and looking for answers on my own quest to create and design documents and content using Google apps

Map-based storytelling tools

By admin

There are many different applications available to tell a story. some of them are story-maps. They use different approaches and techniques, enabling creating stories with geographic connections. And some of them are entirely free. Read this article for some examples of story-map platforms!

Elearning AssessmentH5P Drag&Drop Quiz

By admin

An example of anq interactive HTML5 quiz – drag and drop entries to the correct places. I created it using the open source H5P software. The quiz aims for learners to apply their knowledge and as the explanation of answers (both correct and incorrect answers) to help learners better understand…