You know that I like WordPress. I already talked a bit about it and mentioned some of the Learning Management Systems. In this post, I will share a few features I look for in the WordPress LMS with you. Let’s explore some of these features.

What Are You Looking for in These WordPress LMS Plugins?

1. Course building functionality.

I expect the LMS to have basic functionality to manage and organise content into lessons, chapters and topics. Being able to embed videos, presentations, and interactive activities to make the training more engaging and share files and course materials is a must.

2. Assessing learners

Being able to include Quizzes and tests for students to evaluate what they learnt is usually essential. You can also use quizzes as pre-requisite steps or to establish benchmarks to decide if you can drip more content

3. Reusable templates and bulk changes

I like to be able to have templates for course, lessons and topic pages.
Aso being able to clone courses and making changes in bulk is the functionality that I appreciate.

4. Course progress information and content dripping

User-centred functionality informing learners how they are progressing and how well they are doing. This trick can keep users motivated and keep moving. Gradually is revealing some of the course materials as students progress can keep them curious and scaffold their learning journey.

5. Student enrollment and membership management

Being able to see how many people are registered, how many members are there etc is essential.

6. eCommerce integration and payment gateways

They can take care of your sales process, automate payments, invoicing, make your sales process much easier.

7. Other marketing integrations.

Creating coupon codes, offering commissions, or participating in affiliate programmes can be an instrument when building your audience.

8. Email automation

This is one of the musts for me – being able to automate emails to communicate with learners.

9. Badges and certificates

Gamification of your courses helps to keep students engaged. It can also incentivise and motivate them to complete the next steps and reward them with badges and certificates. One of the tricks s to increase your course completion rates.




There are various tactics to consider, but one element you can not afford to leave out is addressing learners’ motivation. Motivated students learn more effectively and are more actively involved in the learning experience. Today, I want to look at Gilly Salmon’s 5 Stage Model and how you can use it.

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