Monthly productivity and planning pack

Every month I share with my network the planners and calendars. I find them very useful to draft my monthly plans and to-does.  Subscribe to my list and  you will receive a full pack!

Desktop Calendar
A desktop calendar for your computer or laptop. You can download it and install as a desktop background.
Monthly Planner
A printable Planner for this year. You print it and have it handy in your folder or pin it to the wall. it has plenty of space for notes and plans!
Weekly Planner
If you need more detailed weekly planner it is also available. Simply download it and print for as many weeks as you want!

Other freebies and resources

Here are some other free resources and templates that I make available to my subscribers.

Storyboard Templates

See some examples of storyboards in eLearning use in my post here and click on the tile below to request templates.

Storyboard Templates
Get Free Printable and Editable Storyboard Templates!

H5P Presentation Template

Read about using interactive H5P presentations or click on the tile below to request the template!

Interactive H5P presentation
Interactive H5P presentation with the pre-made fully functional side navigation.

Six Learning Types Cards

See the examples of Storyboarding Cards for Six Learning Types or click on the tile below to request the them!

Printable Learning Type Cards
Subscribe and get the printable cards that can be used to plan and storyboard courses!