How to create a wireframe with Pencil desktop software

February 9, 2018 Off By admin
How to create a wireframe with Pencil desktop software

The process of creating websites is similar to that of building a house.
And we don’t start building without the project plan – an outline of areas and other details informing those conducting construction works of everything involved. A wireframe is like an architectural drawing in the design process. It outlines functional specifications and helps to begin creating screens.
Whether I design websites or online course, wireframing and storyboarding is part of it.

I recently worked on creating a website for an online course. With the basic site-map flow and the learning goals. and objectives document, I started working on a new website wireframe.

I considered using several pieces of software to create my wireframe:

  • had some restrictions on the free account and the free version was not enough to do everything I wanted. looked interesting too, but eventually decided  to install Pencil software on my PC (

Here is the short presentation of how it works and what it does.

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