Hi, I am Gerta!

A creative, innovative and experienced

eLearning designer

Who am I?
I'm a learning designer devoted to promoting the life-long learning culture and the right to education for everyone. I believe that learning should be simple, effective, accessible and engaging. With a wealth of experience in creating web, training and communication materials, and the MSc in Applied eLearning from Technical University Dublin, I consider myself a well-versed instructional designer. I follow the universal design principles - by applying my expertise in user experience, graphic design and learning principles, I create digital learning content that is uncluttered, intuitive and memorable.
How did I become a learning designer?
My adventure with web technology started over ten years ago when I first came across WordPress. I got interested in applying online techniques in business communication and I took many training courses about online marketing, website building, SEO, analytics, etc. For most of my professional career, I worked in educational settings as a training administrator, education projects manager or training operations manager. I have so many interests and passions that for quite some time, I couldn't decide what exactly I want to do for a living. That that changed when I stumbled-upon learning design. It consolidates everything that I like - my addiction to learning (yes, I am addicted to learning!), my interest in technology, passion for design and my creative drive. I was amazed by how much I enjoyed it and how many different possibilities and professional pathways were there.
What do I love about being a learning designer?
One of the best things about being an instructional designer is that I get to wear so many different hats - I am a graphic designer, video and animation developer, technical writer, project manager, an education consultant. Depending on the project, I can be either or all of these things! And it gets even better - as an instructional designer I am never bored, and I always learn! One week I might get to work on a postgraduate engineering degree for a university, the next week on the soft-skills training course for employees of a big corporate company, and I might end a month developing resources for a local fitness or nutrition professional. Pretty cool - right?
Where do I share my expertise?
Everywhere I worked, I was always the 'go-to person' to advise about technology. I also genuinely enjoy behind-the-scenes teaching that is a part of any design project. Working with individual clients, I quickly realised that the 1:1 model is not scalable, and I started sharing my expertise in online on my Blog. That was just a starting point, and soon I had a range of online courses and ebooks about online learning, web design and social media. You can find all the products in my Shop.
What are my values?
Some of the core values that guide my work and my whole life, are honesty, quality, trust and respect. I also expect to see these qualities in people I work with. Creativity is one of my main drivers, and I can't imagine my life without it. I understand it as being curious, imaginative and innovative. It is about having interests, trying new things. I like to think about is as a sort of slow-motion multitasking that makes life interesting.
What do I do in my free time?
My friends often say that I never stop. I guess they are right - you can say that 'busy' is my second name! I have more than one passion, and all these interests make me whole. When I am offline, I craft and do loads of DIY. I have a small workshop where I paint, sew, create jewellery, do batik, design and renovate old furniture. My studio is full of colourful paints and fabrics that I use to restore and re-upholster old chairs. It is a fantastic feeling to give these old pieces their second life. I also love travelling and photography. And obviously, I blog about all these things! And when I feel lazy, I love reading books - especially long historical novels and criminal thrillers. But I am usually busy so you are more likely to see me listening to audiobooks while painting or re-upholstereing.

I can help you with..

I create innovative, creative and engaging learning experiences using a wide range of authoring tools.

I offer an end-end-learning design. I can do everything from needs analysis and drafting a training plan,  to developing and installing the final product on the platform of your choice. I can manage and deliver for you the entire project, or build its individual components such as training materials, videos, interactive activities, quizzes and templates.

I design beautiful intuitive and responsive websites that can be viewed on any device.  

I use modern design techniques and tools to improve user experience and to optimise websites for search engines. Whether you are looking for your first website, or you want to update your current site,  or you are after more consistent visual appearance across all your marketing channels, I can help!    

I can manage your project from beginning to end – I can organise the domain, hosting, develop and build a website, and also provide a maintenance service. If you prefer to manage the site yourself, I can teach you how to do it without needing to understand website code!

I can design and develop visually appealing graphics, interactive banners, animations and videos that you might need for your website, social media channel or online training.

I've got a wealth of experience building developing and implementing multimedia projects for websites, training courses and marketing campaigns.

If you have a clear plan and you need someone with the skills  – contact me! If you are not sure how to approach your multimedia project – let's talk it through!  I will be with you through all stages from idea nad storyboarding, through development, testing and delivery of the project.

Skills & tools

Authoring tools

Authoring tools is a software used to create eLearning and other digital content. I use them to develop beautiful and accessible online learning experiences - from visually appealing presentations to interactive HTML5 elements and videos.
Articulate Storyline
Articulate Rise
Video & Audio editing


As a learning designer, I am used to using Learning Management Systems. LMS host the developed content and take care of tracking results, security, enrollment and multiple other tasks. Some of them also offer the ability to create content within the platform.

Technical Skills

Technical skills allow designers and content developers to build and customise online learning courses, websites and their elements. I am competent in using most of the essential web development languages.

Design Skills

Designing and developing digital content goes beyond using software tools. It requires a good sense of design, an understanding of fundamental design principles and considering good user experience and design accessibility.
Adobe Creative Cloud
Graphic Design
UX & Responsive Design
Animation Design

Multimedia Editing

Developing multimedia means generating and manipulating graphic images, animations, sound, text and video and consolidating them into seamless interactive training, data presentation or entertainment and educational products.
Premiere Pro
Davinci Resolve
Video Animation

Soft skills of trade

Designers need to know more than design tools and principles. There are essential soft skills of our trade. I developed and perfected them with practice and self-motivation to stay organised and effective in my digital design work.
Project & Time Management
SEO / Digital Marketing / Social Media

Some examples of my work

What they say about me..

Tomek Michalski

Thanks to the quality of design and the visual appeal we grew our followers base.


creative & enthusiastic

Gerta is very creative. She designed a number of websites for my company and managed digital marketing and social media channels. Thanks to the quality of design and the visual appeal we grew our followers base. Today most of our customers come from these channels and I don't even have to advertise any more!

Mairead O’Reilly

Very knowledgeable in Online Learning and Instructional Design

MOR Sound

Knowledgeable In Online Learning

Gerta is great to work with. She's an excellent team player, hardworking, conscientious and is very knowledgeable in Online Learning and Instructional Design. She is very creative and has excellent Digital Media skills. Gerta is generous with her time and always happy to share her knowledge and skills.

Meabh Walsh

Having a website and moving online brought us thousands of followers

Sew Easy

Professional, creative, patient

Gerta moved my sewing school online and planned online strategy. She taught my team how to manage our website, online channels and patiently guided us through this transition to self-management. Today have over 2000 followers on Facebook, growing Instagram audience and our courses are over-subscribed!

Anna Petertil

My website looks exactly how I imagined - it is simple and classy.

5th Elemen Minerals

Pleasure to work with!

I do most of my business on Amazon, but I also needed a website that could be a shop window for all new opportunities. Gerta helped me to build it and talked me through some other things like social media presence and content writing. I find her really professional, creative and passionate about her work.

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