Six Learning Types and Storyboarding Cards to Download.

April 7, 2021 0 By admin
Six Learning Types and Storyboarding Cards to Download.

These six learning types come from the Conversational Framework popularised by Professor Diana Laurillard. 

The learning types are very intuitive and easy to understand – they have proved to be very helpful for teachers and course creators to plan and describe the learning process. They are often used in combination with various aids in the curriculum and course planning. 

The below flip book outlines  each of the learning types. The cards also have prompts and examples of online activities. They can be very helpful when creating courses and can be used by anyone – even those with no prior learning design experience.  I have an experience of using similar aids to design courses and modules for universities, colleges and schools. I also used similar cards  while working on developing MOOCs Massive Open Online courses for the Future Learn Platform.  

I hope it will be useful. If you like it, I can share the printable version with my subscribers – the form to request it is below. 

6 learning types flip book

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