Course planning workshops and sprints

Do you need someone to help you with planning and developing your online training? 

I facilitate course planning and design sprints – I use learner-centred, collaborative, pedagogy-first approach drawing from several recognised and successful instructional, curriculum planning and product development models. My virtual course planning sprints gives teams an opportunity to brainstorm and generate ideas. The examples of products developed during my sprints include programme modules, micro-credentials, digital badges or MOOCs. 

I facilitate the workshop, organise all data, review it, and include my instructional design recommendations so, at the end of that process, you will have: course roadmap and learning outcomes, detailed course design plan, project development plan with estimated timelines plus course eLearning production templates and recommendations.

I facilitate course planning and design sprints…

How to plan and develop online training?
Get professional help from learning designer and content developer!

Plan and develop your online training  combining ABC curriculum design | Design Thinking | ADDIE instructional model. 

About Course Design Sprint and the facilitator

This particular workshop – or a course planning sprint that I am introducing here is aimed at the teams developing online courses within higher education institutions, but it can successfully be used in other sectors as well.  The examples of products developed during my sprints include programme modules, micro-credentialsdigital badges or MOOCs.

What to expect? Course Design Sprint steps and outcomes. 

Participants come to the workshop ready to work – they have all the necessary info obtained during the short online onboarding. During the workshop, I facilitate the discussion, brainstorming, storyboarding and curriculum planning. It is then up to the team to finish that work – I review it and give instructional feedback and recommendations.

Course planning steps

1. Front-loaded short online onboarding

2. Course planning sprint

 Initial discussion

 Learning engagement storyboard

⁍ Learning activities

⁍ Action Plan

3. Course planning completion by the team

4. Instructional review and recommendations

Workshop outcomes

At the end of that course planning process, you will have:

➼ course roadmap

➼ learning outcomes

➼ detailed course design plan

➼ project development plan that you can customise for your needs,

➼ suggested timelines,

➼ video storyboards templates and

➼ other course eLearning production templates and recommendations.

I facilitate the workshop, organise all data, review it, and include my instructional design recommendations. Of course, the offering can be tailored to the specific needs of individual clients – get in touch now!

More about online onboarding to the curriculum planning sprint

Before the course planning sprint, the course development team needs to complete online onboarding. It is a series of really short videos and resources. They are also asked to complete a brief survey – answers from this contribute to the initial discussion during the planning sprint.

Mobile-friendly  resources

Sneak peek through the onboarding resources

Get in touch!

If you would like to talk or have questions about my course planning workshops – let me know. I am happy to give you access to the online onboarding so you can check yourself if this is what your organisation or your team needs. If it is not exactly what have in mind – get in touch too – I can design and facilitate course planning workshops, customised to your specific requirements. 

I will be happy to answer any questions about these course planning sprints or my other instructional and learning design services if they are of interest! My contact details are below this video, so get in touch – I am looking forward to hearing from you!

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