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Be more productive with dictation apps!

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My friend has a four-year-old daughter who talks to Alexa like she is a real person. Observing her I realised how slow people with adopting technology. Let’s take, for example, voice and technology – there is so much more we could do with! Today we are going to look at dictation apps.

Storyboarding Tools for eLearning Projects

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Storyboards help designers visualise the flow of the training materials – courses, animations, videos or slides at the early stages of their development. Check out these storyboarding tools that can help to speed up the elearning project.

Map-based storytelling tools

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There are many different applications available to tell a story. some of them are story-maps. They use different approaches and techniques, enabling creating stories with geographic connections. And some of them are entirely free. Read this article for some examples of story-map platforms!