Google resources for beginners

August 5, 2019 Off By admin
Google resources for beginners

I often meet people who have a range of free tools available, but they don’t realise how powerful these tools are. sometimes they have also various misconceptions. Google apps are often among these under-used tools.

Below I have links to a few videos that I found helpful when researching and looking for answers on my own quest to create and design documents and content using Google apps.

My Drive versus Team Drive

I often heard that Google drive is really messy, and it is not possible to find anything there. Not true!

All this negativity comes from not understanding how the drive is structured. Watch this video to get a better understanding of the differences between My Drive and Team Drive 

How to use Google Docs?

 How to use google docs video

How to use Google Sheets? 

How to use google sheets video 

How to use Google Calendar? 

How to use Google Calendar video. 

How to use google Forms?

How you can collect data to Google Spreadsheets using Google Forms? 

How to use google Keep? 

Keep is used to record and organise notes.  Watch this tutorial about Google Keep. 

How to use Google Slides?

How to insert Diagrams?