Projects: DCU | MOOCs for FutureLearn

Role: eLearning Design, Development and Project Managemen

Year: 2018-2020

Project Details: I worked closely with SMEs (academic staff) and other key internal stakeholders on planning and coordinating the ‘conversion’ of academic programmes and modules into online courses. The source content included existing, classroom-based modules on two MSc programmes that needed to be converted into MOOCs.
My role involved both project management and hands-on eLearning design and development. It included planning online courses, storyboarding, scripting, green-room recording and editing videos (talking-head, animations, digital stories), and developing Articulate Storyline and H5P activities.
During that time, I managed the development of over 20 online courses – three Computing and Engineering modules (each converted to five online MOOCs) and several side projects (four smaller MOOCs).

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Examples of work: Multimedia

The project involved designing and developing talking heads and animation videos. My role included scoping projects, scripting and storyboarding videos, working with SMEs on audio scripts, creating animations and recording and editing talking head videos in the green screen studio.

Project reflection and lessons learnt

Over 25 infographics and student guides were created across five topic areas. 

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