Online video consumption continues to grow, and it is forecasted that over 80% of internet traffic will be video by 2021, and a lot of that video (over 75%) is going to be viewed on mobile.
The reasons behind that are well documented. The human brain engages better with stories and real conversations, and videos allow more multi-dimensional experience (with individual voices, gestures, moving images create a much more personalised and engaging experience.
With this extensive online video consumption, particularly in mobile, it is not surprising that if found its place in the online learning and development realm. Often, videos are the best solution for various training challenges in the workplace.
The positive impact of interactive video on e-learning effectiveness is well-documented.
Video-based learning can be very versatile – they combine texts, images and sounds, creating an immersive learning environment.
So, if you’re looking into using more video in your eLearning or mLearning courses, get in touch. The style of the video and the level of interactivity are easily customisable to match the audience’s learning objectives.
If you need visually appealing graphics, interactive banners, animations or videos for your online training, website, or social media channels, get in touch!
I’ve got a wealth of experience building, developing and implementing multimedia and can design and develop them for you!
If you have a clear plan and you need someone with the skills – contact me! If you are not sure how to approach your multimedia project – let’s talk it through! I will be with you through all stages: from ideation and storyboarding of your video to development.
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