Projects: LYIT – Professional Development for Higher Education

Role: Curriculum Planning | Instructional Design | Media Development

Year: 2020-2021

Project Details: The project involved guiding and supporting a cross-institutional team of academics (LyIT, NUIG, UCC, and external project manager) through the initial stages of course planning. I was involved in overseeing the project from the instructional and learning design perspective, guiding SMEs through the initial curriculum planning,  providing eLearning/instructional advice to SMEs recording content for their modules, creating branding resources, editing and captioning videos recorded by SMEs and creating interactive H5P objects (interactive presentations and videos). The following summarises the project stages:

  • Discussing an approach / the roadmap
  • Agreeing on esthetics (user guides, infographic templates, video transition, in-video visuals, etc.) 
  • Agreeing on project plan and finalising the curriculum
  • Designing prototypes (storyboarding, drafting presentation slides, graphics) 
  • Developing deliverables (slides and multimedia)
  • Developing facilitation guide
  • Quality assurance and reviews
  • Publishing to LMS
LYIT logo
UCC logo
NUIG logo
National Forum Logo

Examples of work: branded Prototypes

Branded prototype slides were developed for the client as part of agreeing on esthetics and branding.

LYIT slides v.1 by Gerta Nestorov
LyIT - slides v.2 by Gerta Nestorov
LyIT slides v.3 by Gerta Nestorov
LyIT - slides 4 by Gerta Nestorov

Examples of work: slides and interactive presentations

Existing slides were re-design to align with the new agreed branding. New multimedia, including interactive videos and presentations, were developed in the required formats.

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