Projects: NUIM | Assess for Success

Role: eLearning Consultant / Project Manager / Developer

Year: 2012-2022

Project Details: Developing Open Education Resources for Assess for Success Initiative, ensuring alignment with existing brand identity elements, including logos and guides. My role involved guiding the client through the production process, creating a suite of open education resources in various formats, designing and developing guides, infographics and animations, and editing existing videos. The project involved working with the client and SMEs panel through the following stages:

  • Discussing an approach
  • Agreeing on esthetics (user guides, infographic templates, video transition, in-video visuals, etc.) 
  • Designing Prototypes (Guides, Presentation Slides, Infographics) 
  • Production of deliverables
  • Quality assurance and reviews
  • Publishing and delivery
Maynooth university logo
Assess for Success Project logo

Examples of work: Guides and Infographics:

Over 25 infographics and student guides were created across five topic areas. 

Examples of work: Multimedia

SME-recorded ‘talking head’ videos were edited and branded for the project to ensure a cohesive look and feel across the resources. Several Animations were scripted and explicitly storyboarded for this project. Animations were created to existing audio extracted from workshop slides and webinar recordings.  

All resources can be accessed at the NUIM Assessment and Feedback Hub and on CLT Maynooth YouTube channel

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