Teleprompters can help to speed-up your video recording process

If you record training videos or presentations, consider using a teleprompter.

It will not only save you tones of your time but will also help you to look natural – like you are speaking and looking right into your learners’ or viewers’ eyes.

You probably think that a professional teleprompter costs a fortune and you are right about that. Thankfully, there are loads of other options you can use that are more affordable or even completely free.

In this post, I introduce the following three types of teleprompters:
  • Teleprompters for smartphones
  • Teleprompters for webcam and
  • Teleprompter kits cameras

Whether you record videos on your mobile, laptop or using a standalone camera, you can find something here that will make it easy to read the script.


Mobile teleprompters are apps that you can install on your smartphone. These apps combine a camera and built-in teleprompter, so you can use them both simultaneously, and you don’t need any other device to record your video. Scripts can also be typed, copied and pasted, or imported from your cloud storage like Dropbox or Google Drive.

You can easily adjust the size of the teleprompter window, so it doesn’t obstruct the view. You can also customise the text size, and scroll speed!

And here are some examples of teleprompters for mobile video recording.

Teleprompters for Android and iOS video recording


There are many web-based teleprompters that you can use on your laptop. Imagine you need to record a video for your students – there is no need to memorise the script – simply open one of the teleprompter websites, and type or insert your text in the editor. With all of these web teleprompters, you can easily adjust the size of the text and scroll speed.

Most of these teleprompters also have a mirror option that you can activate if you want to use it a traditional teleprompter (and reflect the text in the glass panel placed in front of the external camera).
Below is the list of the web teleprompters that you can use online.

Web-based, online teleprompter for laptop and webcam


If the mobile teleprompter or laptop teleprompter does not satisfy your needs, check out the below links. I have here a Parrot teleprompter kit there that I seriously considered buying (but then I discovered mobile teleprompters) and homemade DIY teleprompter. These options are more relevant for those who want to record their videos using digital cameras. These are kits that you need to assemble, so they take some space. As with other options, these teleprompter kits allow you to look natural while looking directly at the lens and interacting directly with your audience.

Below is the list of the web teleprompters that you can use online.

Teleprompter kits for tand-alone DSLR or digital cameras

With the right teleprompter or teleprompter app, you can record videos quicker and look more confident and natural. There is no need to memorise long scripts or breaking eye contact with your viewers to

check your notes, because everything is on the screen.

I hope this was helpful and you will be able to use these tips in your own video recording practice!

Have fun!

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