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Adult Learners – their characteristics & needs

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Adult Learning or Andragogy is a theory developed by Malcolm Knowles in 1968. He studied how adults learn and how it differs from children. His approach revolves around ‘the notion that adults learn best in informal..

Six Learning Types and Storyboarding Cards to Download.

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The flip book outlines each of the six learning types. The cards also have prompts and examples of online activities. They can be very helpful when creating courses and can be used by anyone – even those with no prior learning design experience. I have…

Exploring perceptions of eLearning for administrative staff training

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As part of the MSc in Applied Learning, I had to write a research paper aimed for one of the exiting journals. I have decided to go with the Journal of Workplace Learning. My research project was strictly situated in the work environment (the potential of using the eLearning in the…