In this post, I will share with you a few LearnDash plugins that you need to install to get your training website going. LearnDash is an excellent WordPress LMS. Version 3, released in 2019, brought loads of new features but…
I recently went through the process of setting up a Learndsh LMS for a website. In this post, I will share with you a few LearnDash plugins that you need to install to get your training website going.
Below I have demo of the Learndash LMS

LearnDash is an excellent WordPress LMS. Version 3, released in 2019, brought loads of new features requested by users, but there are still some things on my wishlist that haven’t been added.

They are mainly in the area of enhancing site style, functionality, or improving courses management.
And this is where plugins come to place.

So basically, in the past, I used more plugins, but the new version of LearnDash eliminates this necessity and loads of these new features previously added with plugins.

In this post, I will show you six essential WordPress Learndash plugins that will help you on various stages of your web course development. They will enable you to complete your projects efficiently and allow greater customisation of your online training website.

All the links are in the description below.
I am not ranking these plugins, but instead, I am presenting them more and less the order that I needed them when working on my projects.
Ok. Let’s see what’s on that list!


To Duplicate Course Hierarchy

The Content Cloner add-on makes it possible to clone entire courses with the click of a button, including all associated lessons, topics, and quizzes. Using this add-on, it’s also possible to mass-update the titles of the cloned course and associated content.

You can duplicate course hierarchy and edit titles in bulk. After cloning the entire course, the bulk title editor makes it easy for you to change the title of the course, its lessons, topics, and quizzes eliminating the need to visit each item individually. This plugin is a real time saver!


To enhance the visual experience of your website visitors

I was not happy with this basic display and wanted the course to be displayed in a more visually appealing way.

As the Learndash crowd describes it themselves ‘The Course Grid add-on gives you the ability to create a responsive course library that can be inserted on any page or post of your site.

It brings a bit more visual appeal.

You can choose to display your courses in one, two, three, four, six, or twelve columns. Courses are displayed with their featured image and a custom short description.


The Design Upgrade for DashLlearn has a free version, and you can also upgrade to a pro As we are doing basics here, let’s take a look at the free version. What it does, It basically, changes the way some things look, to make it look a bit better (just a bit). It redesigns some aspect of LearnDash so that it resembles your existing WordPress theme. I would say it is more like a small cosmetic change, still, if you like it, use it! Get Learndash Design upgrade  


To have several add-ons in one.
The Uncanny LearnDash Toolkit seems to be really popular with Learndash users. When I came across it and installed it, it also gave me some ideas of what other functionalities I might need or like. It is a free plugin with a selection of several functionalities that can be activated on your site. Examples of functionalities that you can activate with the free version include enabling a login form, login redirect or resuming courses. The full list of all the features is here on the plugin site. You can find many of these unique individual features as separate add-ons in the WordPress repository. What is amazing about this Uncanny plugin is that you have all of them added to your e-learning site with only one plugin. One installation, loads of functionalities! You can also upgrade to a pro version and get additional functionalities!
Get uncanny Learndash toolkit now!


To make a beautiful login page of WordPress

Login Press Plugin will help you to make beautiful login page of WordPress. You can completely modify the look and feel of your login page and make it look like it is a part of the site layout. For example, you can change the background images, the menu icon and all the error messages. You can change the size and content of your login box. All of this will make learners think that they are on a custom login page! One functionality that I particularly value here, is the social login. These days it is often an expectation of the website users to have such option. Social login makes it super easy for people to register on your site, and log in just with one click, with their social media account. It even automatically creates an avatar pulling the user’s profile photo from that social network. LoginPress is free, but you need to pay for upgrades. Definitely check it out.
Get Login Press Plugin now!


To quickly set up online courses.

Disclaimer – I did not test this one yet, but it seems pretty amazing — no copying and pasting. You can manage your entire project in the spreadsheet, and then you can import your course from the excel template directly into WordPress.

Ok, so that all for now.

I know there are loads of other plug-isn there in the WordPress repository. These are just some I installed in my initial days with Learndash.

If I missed any plugins you recommend, or if there are any new ones were designed since this post was published, please let me know!


Image: NicoElNino

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