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As a learning designer, I keep searching for or accidentally discovering great learning design tools.

One of the tools or platforms I discovered some time ago is H5P. It is a free open access brother of Articulate. It does not require any license – anyone can register and start creating resources.

The range of learning objects that can be created is amazing. And it keeps growing.

H5 P content can be embedded and there are integrations with Moodle, WordPress and Drupal, so you can also create it from within these platforms!

h5p content

This is a quick example of how you can use an interactive video.

I created it using one of my videos available on Youtube and the interactive video functionality of the H5P platform. You can, for example, stop the video at a certain point, ask a question and direct your learners to a different point, based on the answer they give –  a bit like a branching scenario (as of recently, there is a specific type of branching scenario content oh H5P as well)

If you want to check the most up to date list types of contents available via H5P, go to their website and start testing!

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