Interactive H5P video. What types of interactions can you include?

March 25, 2021 0 By admin
Interactive H5P video. What types of interactions can you include?

Using interactive video is a great way of increasing learners' engagment and adding fun to yur online training.  In this post I will walk you through the types of activities that can be included in the interactive H5P video.  In-video interactions are great way to increase learner engagment, gamify, provide more information about complex concepts or diagrams or check learners knowledge.

Let's look at how the interactive video works.

I have included an interactive H5P video with examples of all activities or interactions. Watch the video and follow my instructions to experience what you can do with an interactive video.

When to use interactive H5P video?

To create an interactive H5P video, you already have to have an existing clip. You use that clip and add additional interactive elements on top of that video.

Another scenario is to storyboard your eLearning video and its development, planning all the interactions that you would like to add. This approach will give you more control and certainly more room to be creative and design your online training precisely as you want.

So if you have an existing video or plan to record a new video and want to use them in an online course, you can make learning more engaging, fun, and more in-depth by adding the H5P interactions.

What types of interactions can you add to the interactive H5P video?

You can provide more detailed information using elements such as labels, text, pictures, tables, and links that the learner can interact with during video playback.

You can also include puzzles and quizzes for the learners to solve at any given time in the video by adding Multichoice questionsFill in the blanksDrag and drop questions and Summaries.

How do these elements work?

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