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I am considering adding an e-learning element to current induction training which is based on one-to-one and mentor-lead model. I was hoping to find out how HRM model was applied in an institution and some theory around that.

A few interesting concepts were a foundation on which HRM model was built:
  • model grounded in efficacy
  • just in time teaching
  • immediacy and social presence
  • eLearning support for staff
  • participatory culture
  • relevance
The complexity of the staff development of mentoring – added by language and conceptual issues:
  • instructional knowledge
  • pedagogical knowledge
  • curricular knowledge

Kolb’s Experiential Learning – proposition to learn more through practice than theory where the essential element necessary for learning is a reflection (in action or on the action) seems to be relevant to my case and the approach I hope to implement designing the artefact.

Identification of necessity of Administrative Support as determinants of successful implementation and sustainability of “training for technology supported education” is relevant to my case study.
All other factors listed in the research:
  • early administrative staff support
  • adoption right technology at the right time and cost
  • strategic marketing of training programmes
  • evaluation of the effectiveness

Relevance – recognised as one of the strongest motivators in learning. In this case, it was defined as accomplishing tasks that are most relevant for faculty – in practice – learning while they work (participating in practical opportunities to build skills)

ICARE pedagogical model (developed in 1997 to structure and organize course modules, modules being natural sub-sections of courses) was adopted, but I don’t think the exhaustive explanation was given why this particular model :

“to maintain a degree of consistency across the School’s web-enhanced and fully online courses”

Carter, L., Salyers, V., Page, A., Williams, L., Albl, L., & Hofsink, C. (2012). Highly Relevant Mentoring (HRM) as a Faculty Development Model for Web-Based Instruction. Canadian Journal Of Learning & Technology, 38(1), 1-16.