My friend has a four-year-old daughter who talks to Alexa like she is a real person. Observing her I realised how slow people with adopting technology. Let’s take, for example, voice and technology – there is so much more we could do with! Today we are going to look at dictation apps.
We had a team training day recently. I was asked to create a summary presentation. I used a Video Scribe and created an overview of that day summarising what we did and what we learnt. I thought this would be useful for the team, but it also might be a…
Paper Evaluates the attitudes towards simulation-based learning in work context (in sales – finish bookstore) I was interested in this as I was thinking about applying scenarios to my instructional model. Simulations are one of the options and I was hoping to learn how simulation could be
This is a qualitative case study research (exploratory) focusing on age-related issues in use of technology in learning in the traditional industry as tail services in Australia. There are five organisations that researchers focus on in the attempt to
I am considering adding an e-learning element to current induction training which is based on one-to-one and mentor-lead model. I was hoping to find out how HRM model was applied in an institution and some theory around that. A few interesting concepts were a foundation on which HRM model was built:
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