13 Online Proofing Tools For Creative and Visual Design

13 online proofing tools for designers. They will make your creative and visual development and review process faster and more streamlined.
13 proofing tools for creative design
In this post, I bring 13 online proofing tools for designers to make your creative and visual development and review process faster and more streamlined. If you are a multimedia or learning designer and you find yourself frustrated, spending hours ploughing through email threads looking for versions of your project, you might be interested in this post.


Online design proofing tools streamline and automate the review and approval process. They allow all team members, including project managers, graphic and web designers, to get involved. Multimedia production, web design, leaflet, illustration, animation of interactive HTML development can be commented on in an organised, controlled and transparent manner.

Online proofing tools range from basic text editing and proofing to proofing of graphic designs and websites, to interactive and multimedia proofing. The variety of media that is produced for teaching and learning today has become vast and varied. For this reason, online proofing software also has a variety of options on the market today.


I am presenting them in order of associated cost – from the cheapest to most expensive online proofing tools
Starts free with a 3-day commenting window
Pastel allows leaving the feedback directly on websites in real-time and integrate with other tools to You can mention the names of team members to address them directly while sharing feedback. The feedback can also be organised using labels.
Pricing starts free with one project and $9 per month for unlimited projects
You can upload video, audio, or images and share with reviewers. Files can be password protected. Comments saved are automatically time-coded, and you can easily navigate through comments. The disadvantages are lack of versioning and no option to compare file versions side-by-side.

Starts free for 20 300MB file uploads per week and upgrade goes at $8per month 

It is a real-time collaborative media review player. It supports video, 360 images and 3D models. They say you can almost create an animation on the top of the video. You can integrate it with other apps and export annotations and comments as a list of tasks.

Starts free with the limited storage. You can upgrade to 1GB for 59 Per year

The tool aimed at facilitating collaborative reviews and faster approval process of creative designs. You can use it for Video, PDF, HTML and image review. Allows multiple version comparison and creating and sharing folders. The paid version has several integrations (Dropbox, DAM, CMS, Adobe CC)

Pricing starts at $15 per month

You can upload or annotate and approve a range of media types including PDFs images, video and HTML files. One of the main shortcomings is the lack of timestamping.

Plans start at $20 per month

The tool enables users to share and review creative designs, graphics and videos easily. You can share your feedback using comments, notes, and highlight specific areas on the files.

The real-time notifications about new comments and activity on the design file keep everyone updated on what is outstanding. There is also an option to create to-do lists and assign tasks.

Pricing starts at $20 per month

A tool for online proofing and reviewing that streamlines the creative review process by allowing to leave feedback, comments, reviews, and approval of the design files in one single place.

Changes suggested can be converted into a task list and here are real-time progress indicators to keep track of the progress made in the process.

Pricing starts at $45 per month

A collaborative online proofing tool that makes your review process faster. It simplifies the review and approval process by letting managers easily annotate changes in design files. They can add threaded comments to share their feedback and make the process clear and easy. You can also collaborate with stakeholders outside ProofHub by creating and sharing a proofing link.

Pricing starts at $45 per month

You can review image files, PDFs, video and audio files. It allows users to define the stages of the workflow, and automate the process by creating logs every time status changes what helps to keep track of everything that’s happening during the process.

Pricing starts at €89 per month

It allows sharing and collecting clear feedback right inside the file. It works for documents, designs audio and video files. You can create a review link that you can share with your client.

Pricing starts at $199 per month

Allows reviewing a range of file formats, including artwork, presentations, videos, and websites(video, HTML web banners, email templates and websites, audio, imagery, documents, 3D and more)

Proofing tools specific for learning design:

It is built-in functionality of the Articulate storyline where you can ask for feedback for your articulate learning project. Comments are entered and recorded per slide, and the owner can reply, delete, resolve. It is a great functionality but unfortunately only limited to Articulate Storyline projects, and would not work with other interactive or multimedia content.
It was recommended to me by someone online. I haven’t tested it yet, so I’m really interested in hearing from you! The website says that the platform works with: Adobe Presenter and Captivate, Lectora, Articulate Presenter and Storyline, iSpring, Ancile, uPerform and it is possible to request more. However, my first impression was that the interface looks a bit out-dated, plus, some pages I was redirected to, like the blog, were not secure. In terms of pricing, it can be tested for free as the basic package for one course is free.

What do online proofing or review tools offer?

Some specific benefits that online proofing offers: it is faster, more transparent, accurate, and productive. You can scale your business, get the input needed to push projects through, and meet customer deadlines with these helpful software tools.

You can expect the online tools to offer the following and more: 

  • real-time collaboration
  • automated tracking
  • review statuses
  • review access for stakeholders to leave their comments
  • encryptions that will keep your work safe
  • cross-device functionality

I hope you find some of these 13 online proofing tools for designers of interested. They might make your creative and visual development and review process faster and more streamlined!

Let me know if you have any other tools for video proofing.

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