Why Should You Use Online Proofing Tools in Your Learning Design Process?

The review process can be frustrating and potentially lead to miscommunications and worst of all missed deadlines. Do you and your team spend hours ploughing through email threads for reviewing and proofing of your files?

The review process can be frustrating and potentially lead to miscommunications and, worst of all, missed deadlines. Do you and your team spend hours ploughing through email threads to review and proof your files? Do you fear launching a video, online course or multimedia product only to find out that there was an error that you did not spot or that there is a wrong version of audio in the background? Or perhaps that you need to change it just because the client does not like it but has never told you about that?

This frustration led me recently to a conversation with another designer in a multimedia agency and to an amazing discovery. A revelation! I do not use tools that can remove this frustration! (you can read more about my quest for information in one of my recent posts,Online proofing tools in the learning design process. Do you use them?’

My friend tips and a bit of online research made me realise that online proofing tools and platforms can help to overcome some of these issues. what is more important, they are not exclusive to design or marketing agencies. Online proofing tools are also of use in learning design!


Review and proofing is an essential step in the creative life cycle. It ensures that all stakeholders including the managers, SMEs and clients had an opportunity to review and give their feedback, suggest changes or provide other significant input. Online proofing allows tracking all of this along with the piece being produced. This ensures that you, the team and all parties involved remain focused, deadline-driven and work on the latest versions of the piece.

With the increase in media production for video, blogging, websites, e-learning platforms, and so many other avenues growing, online proofing has exponentially increased. You want to be the cutting edge leader in your area, and this means your creative offerings must be clean, perfect, and enticing to end users.. With modern technology, review and proofing process can be fully moved online.


Online design proofing tools streamline and automate the review and approval process. They allow all team members, including project managers, videographers, graphic and web designers, SMEs to get involved. Think about your creative project – a video production, handbook, illustration, animation of interactive HTML development. The output usually involves planning, developing, reviewing, and finalizing it. Appropriate online proofing tools are highly relevant and can increase productivity and streamline your e-learning design process!

Check out some of the tools I use. I wrote about them in my recent 5 online proofing tools that can speed up your visual and creative design process
involved in developing multimedia to make your processes faster and more streamlined.


Online proofing tools enable you to keep the team informed and focused on the latest version of the project. Involving stakeholders across the project (internal and external) keeps everyone informed. The editing and approval process is faster and more effective, which leads to quickly achieving deadlines, which boosts profitability and results.

You can expect the online tools to offer the following and more:
  • real-time collaboration
  • automated tracking
  • review statuses
  • review access for stakeholders to leave their comments
  • encryptions that will keep your work safe
  • cross-device functionality

If you are not yet convinced – here are some specific benefits that online proofing offers: it is faster, more transparent, accurate, and productive. You can scale your business, get the input needed to push projects through, and meet customer deadlines with these helpful software tools.

Give one online proofing tool a try today. You will be amazed at the difference it will make in your next creative project.
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