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Highly Relevant Mentoring (HRM) for Web-Based Instruction

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I am considering adding an e-learning element to current induction training which is based on one-to-one and mentor-lead model. I was hoping to find out how HRM model was applied in an institution and some theory around that. 

A few interesting concepts were a foundation on which HRM model was built: 

Motivating Online Learners Strategies

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Let’s look at some popular strategies for motivating online learners. In this article I will look at the temporal strategies,  5-Stage Gilly Salmon’s Model, Wolodkowski’s time continuum model and Keller’s ARCS model for motivating learners.

How to successfully orient employees into new positions?

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Orienting employees into new positions is hugely important. This post summarises an article – authors are viewing the orientation training programmes as the most prevalent formal training developed across us, yes, often not effective. They look at the most common pitfalls, basic principles and best practice in the area of new employees orientation.