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Using online technology to facilitate staff training was one of the first articles on my literature list for the MSc in applied Learning Research Project. I was hoping that this short article would be a good starting point giving an overview of adopting technology in the area of staff training.

An author presents an example of how technology can be applied in adjusting traditional content to an online format and summarises some important factors listed in the literature for that strategy to be successful. The particular example the author focuses on is related to teaching the disability services staff how to react to the challenging behaviours. The proposed training, as in the context of my research is focused on the small unit within the big organisation, but the general principles remain the same. The author points out the importance of keeping all aspects of training consistent – this starts from the pedagogical approach, through training, concluding with the evaluation of the programme. In her case study, McKenzie focuses on competency-based training and argues that this kind of training focuses only on required competencies (changes/amended behaviours) not the process of getting there. I am not sure if I could adopt this approach, as in my working environment, following the particular process is often recognised as a skill itself. I find the enclosed course description, outlining various stages and steps (G. Salmon motivational stages) very useful and clear. Adapting behavioural, competency-based approach and applying it in online training could be investigated further in the context of my research. Some literature referenced should also be beneficial to explore. Finally, the reflection regarding G. Salmon motivational theory – while useful to know and be aware of, I am not sure if the exact stages could be adapted in online training created for new hires in my Faculty, as they most likely would be taking online training on their own time not participating in groups.

McKenzie, K. (2008). Using online technology to facilitate staff training. Learning Disability Practice, 11(6), 30-35.