Storyboarding tools for elearning projects

Storyboards help designers visualise the flow of the training materials – courses, animations, videos or slides at the early stages of their development. Check out these storyboarding tools that can help to speed up the elearning project.

Storyboarding is a technique that helps to visualise the flow of the story. In the eLearning, storyboards help designers visualise the flow of the training materials – courses, animations, videos or slides at the early stages of their development. There are storyboarding tools that can help to speed up the storyboarding project

The storyboard is often a first draft or a prototype of the training course or video. It allows presenting design concepts and sharing them with stakeholders before creating the entire course or a presentation.


Storyboarding software comes in many shapes, sizes and price ranges.

Some of the tools and storyboard templates used by professional movie makers are quite complex, and they usually need to be adopted or customised for eLearning.

Read about the Storyboards for eLearning – I talk here more about the types of storyboards, reasons to use storyboarding and details to include in the storyboard, and share free editable storyboard templates.

Storyboard tools – things to consider

When looking at different storyboarding tools or storyboard software options, you need to consider various factors – for example:
  • how you are going to use it
  • whether you will work with other people
  • what features do you need
  • your technical ability to use them
  • what is your budget
Perhaps you don’t need a professional paid tool, and for your project, a free storyboarding template will be good enough!

I have a list of some storyboarding tools below, but you can start with something simple, like your own storyboard template in Word or PPT format. I went through several templates over the years and developed several that I use for my own projects. Click here to learn more about how I use storyboarding templates, and what information I include in the storyboards. You can also subscribe to my list, and I send you free editable Google Doc and Google slide templates.

Storyboarding tools

Here are some tools that you can consider if you want to start your storyboarding journey.
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Cartoon style online storyboard creator makes for digital storytelling.
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An online storyboard creator with some templates.
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Online design tool with some storyboard templates.
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Professional film production management software with shot lists and storyboarding as one of many features.
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Storyboarding tool for those who can draw.


If you are ready to start your storyboarding adventure I have good news! You can get free storyboard templates I created for my projects. To get printable templates click on the banner below, subscribe and you will receive two editable storyboard templates straight to your email. Experiment, change and try what works best for you. Happy Storyboarding!

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