Tips for Self-Recording Your Video Content

Check out these few tips that will help you to improve the quality of your self recorded instructional or eLearning
Tips for recording your video

1. The rule of third…

Use composition techniques that are in line with what’s naturally pleasing to the eye. Creatively use negative space.
Create conversation between the subject and background.
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2. Pay attention to camera position

If you are recording on web cam (not recommended because of poor quality) make sure the computer is elevated, so that the camera lens is at your eye level.

Using a mobile camera and the mobile holder might be more convenient. You can clip it to your desktop, table or a shelf. It allows a more flexible set up – pretty much anywhere.
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3. Look into the camera

Do not look at yourself, on the screen.
Look into the lens – this way the viewer will have an impression that you look into viewer’s eyes.
The same applies when you record on your laptop.
  • look right into the camera
  • do not look at yourself on the screen
  • don’t read the text from the screen
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4. Record with your mobile

If you have to choose whether to record on your smartphone or laptop, choose your smartphone. Smartphones have really good cameras that deliver much better video quality than your built in web cam
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5. Use camera holders

When y record on your mobile, these devices might come handy.

Mobile holder and light ring

This is my favourite and I use it a lot for quick recordings. You can clip it to the table counter and it is USB powered, so no need to be close to the electricity socket.

Mobile phone holder

2-stage stainless steel is pretty stable and rotate. Also the phone holder rotates. It is perfect for managing the framing of your shot.

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6. Use a teleprompter

It will not only save you tones of your time, but it will help you to look make you look natural – like you are speaking and looking right into your learners’ eyes.
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Teleprompters for mobile video recording.

iPhone and iPad teleprompter:
Android teleprompter:
Teleprompters for laptops and webcams
Cue Prompter

7. Make sure you have good lighting.

Good lighting = better quality
Good lighting improves the video quality.
Use daylight if possible. The light source needs to be behind the camera and directed onto you and your face.

If you are at your desk, use at least two or three three-point lighting setup. It doesn’t have to be anything professional (although camera lighting is affordable now), and you can use a desk lamp

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